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It is easy to think of technology as being universal, in our society most technological innovations quickly spread and are implemented at least throughout the first wold nations in a consistent manner. This is not the case in Amalgamation.

Items in Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Phase World, Manhunter, Rifts Space non-Rifts Palladium settings and Dark Conspiracy items cost the listed amounts. Rifts items cost 10% of the listed amount. Star Trek items cost 10 times the list price. Star wars personal gear and weapons cost the list price while star wars vehicles and droids cost 10 times the list amount.

Some groups go to great lengths to keep their technology from falling into the hands of others. While this is usually doomed to failure eventually it makes the technology hard to acquire and potentially dangerous depending on the lengths they go to to keep it too themselves.

Some places lack technology because they don’t want it. It could be they shun any technology beyond a certain point (how most people see the Amish community, although they use modern medicine) or the society may shun specific types of technology (robot drones are seen as a threat to the economy of the working class).

Some technology, such as Phase Tech from Center, is impossible for others to replicate, not because it is well guarded but it requires abilities only one species has and none of them will challenge their elders.

Rare Elements
Another example would be the Stygian Cloaking Field which requires extremely rare elements which only occur on one or perhaps a handful of planets, so only those who control the source of the material can reliably use the technology.

Sometimes a thing should be in use, but a misunderstanding or deliberate misinformation campaign convinced people it was dangerous or didn’t work resulting in boycotts or other actions that eliminated demand and therefore stopped production, export, or import of the product (nuclear power on Earth would be a good example).

Cultural Bias
Similar to the misinformation, but rather than being mislead about the product safety or performance a society is convinced it is wrong for moral or religious reasons (a sample from Earth would be cloning) or that it is distasteful (such as food from processed sewage).

Technology Levels
Many game systems assign technology levels and lump technologies together based on these standards (stone age, feudal, information age, space age, etc.), but in a setting where not only can space be explored but dimensions can be explored such simple standards don’t really apply. Star Trek has warp drives, teleporters, and replicators which seem very advanced but in other areas their technology lags behind some societies that don’t have these things, an example would be robotic drones which while they had a couple advanced androids the society clearly doesn’t utilize the potential benefits of drones in any way close to what the people of the Star Wars galaxy does. The Consortium from three galaxies doesn’t have transporters, but they do have technology that allows their powered armor to cloak and cut through force fields making them quite deadly to both Star Wars and Star Trek vessels.

Mixing Technology
Players will naturally want to take the best technologies from the various settings and mix them together to make an optimized set of equipment, vessels, and so on. There’s no reason not to allow this to go on, but they aren’t the only ones doing this. Pirates, warlords, assassins, and anyone else looking to get an edge will also be pursuing these conglomerations of technology. How this impacts the game will have a lot to do with what the character group is in the setting. Troubleshooters out to stop galactic disasters might even gain a reputation that encourages others to assist them while cutthroat pirates and scoundrels may be hunted for the methods they used to acquire their power. Either way there will be plenty of villainous scum with the same bright ideas and if the characters are terrible enough that group of galactic troubleshooters may turn out to be hunting them.

Anachronistic Technology
I’m flying around the galaxy on a ship with a teleporter and a dimensional rift drive, driving a 1920’s roadster with a concealed antigravity drive, wielding a six shooter and a long sword, and casting spells to banish demons. Different levels of technology will often be mixed, some will look antique but not be such as powered swords while others will simply be what they appear such as the character who uses a Colt 1911 because it’s simple, inexpensive, and can easily be loaded with silver ammo. A character may have an oil lamp, a shortwave radio, and a phaser pistol just because. There doesn’t have to be a consistent level of technology. In some cases an older technology does something the character wants and a more advanced form isn’t available (the character may even be looking to mix technology to make a better version and just hasn’t had the chance yet).

Technology and Skill
Skills aren’t adjusted for otherworldly technology. It is assumed a mechanic can just as easily work on a stone axe, a cold wrought iron sword, and a quadranium starship hull. In cases where the machine requires a special alien ability such as phase technology the character won’t be able to work on it, but that’s not a lack of skill but of the special species powers.


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