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Characters are built with a priority system and whatever level they assign to wealth will impact the character’s lifestyle from that point on. Rich characters tend to stay rich and poor characters who come into money eventually lose it.
0) Poor
1) Middle Class
2) High Class
3) Rich

The Poor character starts the game with $10,000 in equipment or money and is able to maintain a low lifestyle and come up with an extra $100 per session. If the character wants to live at a higher lifestyle it costs them $1,000 per session to live at middle class, $10,000 per session to live at high class, and $100,000 per session to live at luxury class.

Middle Class
The Middle Class character has $100,000 starting money for equipment and cash in addition to maintaining a middle class lifestyle and coming up with an extra $1,000 per session. A middle class character who chooses to drop to low class will only make $100 per session until they move back to middle class lifestyle. A middle class character wanting to maintain a high class lifestyle must spend $10,000 per session to keep it up and living in luxury will cost $100,000 to keep up.

High Class
A High Class character begins with $1,000,000 to start and can maintain a high lifestyle and make an extra $10,000 per month normally. If they lower their lifestyle (perhaps while in hiding) their income drops to the appropriate level, if they want to live at luxury lifestyle it costs them $100,000 per session to maintain.

A rich character begins with $10,000,000 and maintains a luxury lifestyle with an extra $100,000 per session to spend. If they lower their lifestyle the income is lowered to the appropriate level as well, but they can always opt to reclaim their luxury lifestyle and income.


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