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Supernatural Cyborgs
In general it is thought that cybernetics and supernatural powers aren’t compatible, and that’s partially true although Vader was no less viable as a threat because of his cybernetics. Most supernaturals avoid cybernetics, those with regeneration can’t get them as their bodies regrow to force the foreign objects out. Wizards and Psychics will see a loss of their energy pool making most hesitant to get them.

Energy Loss
To calculate lost energy from cybernetics use the cyberpunk humanity loss, but set all variables to maximum (1d6/2 becomes 3), if the value is a fraction round up (if multiple fractional items are added at once add the values then round up).

If using Shadowrun items then the Energy loss is 10 times the Essence loss or Body index of the system added.

A wizard or psychic with a few minor systems may not suffer significantly, but it cuts down on options for the character (combat wizards are most likely to take on cybernetic systems for the combat enhancements thy offer).

Energy loss applies to other characters as well, but since most don’t tap into the small reserves of magic or psychic energy they have the loss seems minimal.

Supernatural Cyborgs

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