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Supernatural Abilities
Magic, psychic powers, the force, or chi are all names for supernatural powers. For Amalgamation they are broke down into 2 categories Magic Powers and Psychic Powers.

Magic Powers
Magic covers the classic wizard image, the faith healers, medicine men, sorcerers, enchanters, witches, warlocks, and necromancers. Magic is the realm of practiced formula and ritual and is based off of Intelligence.

Psychic Powers
Psychic powers are those of the classic psychic, telepathic, fortune teller, chi master, monk, and Jedi. Psychic powers come from great inner focus and are based on Cool.

Energy Pools
In order to use a psychic power or magic spell the character must tap into the appropriate energy pool expending the energy to fuel the power (sometimes this is done subconsciously, as is the case with sixth sense or precognition). Characters without psychic or magic skills still have small energy pools (equal to Intelligence for the magic pool and equal to Cool for the psychic pool). Latent Talents are characters who gained a specific ability in magic or psychic powers often through their species, but never developed it. A latent talent always uses their abilities at the level 1 proficiency and has an energy pool of 20 that doesn’t improve. A hybrid character gains 20 energy per rank of magic or psychic hybrid skill. A dedicated psychic or wizard gains 40 energy per rank of skill.

Energy Recovery
A character must rest to recover energy. Used energy returns at the rate of 5 per hour of sleep or 10 per hour of meditation (meaning a rank 10 wizard who uses all 400 energy needs 40 hours of meditation or 80 hours of sleep to recover completely).

User Level
Some powers don’t rely on a level gauge for effect while others rely heavily on the effective level of the user. Sixth Sense works the same regardless of power level while energy blasts often do damage based upon the user level. Latent power users always have a user level of 1, hybrid powers have a user level of 1 per rank in their primary skill, and dedicated users have a user level of 2 per rank in their primary skill.

Powers Known
The arsenal of powers known is very important to a wizard or psychic character, some species give automatic access to a large range of powers. Generally wizards can buy more spell knowledge while psychics must develop their powers on their own or with one on one guidance from a master. Generally only powerful beings like godlings and dragons know magic inherently, for most others magic spell formula are purchased like equipment or gleaned from mentors. Psychic abilities tend to be learned through introspection and are developed naturally.

Learning Magic Spells
A wizard or hybrid spell caster gains 2 spells each time they improve their Magic ability skill by 1 rank (a total of 20 free spells by rank 10). These spells should be equal to the current caster level or less (a dedicated wizard could know 2 spells of 20th level, 2 of 18th level and so on while a hybrid wizard could know 2 spells of 10th level, 2 of ninth level and so on). Additional spells are purchased as formulas (can be in book format or on chip) and cost $100 per level of the spell.

Learning Psychic Abilities
A psychic or hybrid psychic gains 1 power per category (4 total) each time they increase a rank in their special skill (40 total at rank 10). If they want to learn more powers they can study with a master or meditate on the ability. Each new power gained from one of the 3 minor categories costs 1 character point while each power from the super category costs 3 character points (If used mind bleeder powers count as Super).

Places of Power
Ley Lines, Dragon Roads, Chi Flow, Nexus Points, Magic Pools, and various other names describe places where magic energy flows. The strength of an energy flow is 1 to 5 but during certain peak astrological events they can go as high as 10. The benefits are that a wizard or psychic can tap into the flow of energy to replenish their energy pool, every round of meditation in a place of power will replenish an amount of energy equal to the places rating. A place with a rating of 2 or more allows wizard or psychic to build a temporary excess pool of energy by continuing to gather the energy after their pool is full up to a multiple of their energy pool and the rating (a wizard with an energy pool of 160 at a flow 3 place of power could build up to 480 energy). This energy must be used at the place of power (fades immediately upon leaving the place of power). Places of power increase supernatural powers (treat user level as an amount higher equal to the place of power rating).

Astrological Events
Powerful rituals are often timed to coincide with astrological events from the common such as dawn or witch’s midnight to the very rare like a 5 planet alignment. Having access to travel through space and dimensions may make finding places experiencing such events easier, or at least faster. In general such events increase the power level of an area by an amount based upon how common the event is. Witch’s midnight and dawn raise power level by 1. Along this line a full or new moon adds 2, solstices and equinoxes add 3. Eclipses increase energy by 4 for lunar and 5 for solar. Planetary alignments increase power by the number of planets in the alignment (must be 3 or more).

Mystical Services
Most corporations, governments, and religions maintain large staffs of employees with supernatural powers to protect their interests. Those who can’t afford to have their own on staff often go to consultants or franchise shops for services. Prices for services vary, but the generally accepted rate is $10 per energy point used in the service and this holds true for minor magic items. A standard service provider is 5th level (2d4 for random) and the energy price usually holds true for minor magic items (a scroll takes 100 more energy than the spell would take to cast, so getting a spell on scroll costs $1,000 extra).

Mystical Drain
Some supernatural abilities cause a permanent loss of energy, making many practitioners very hesitant to use those abilities. Some corporations overcome this concern by offering early retirement with a steady income and severance package (or not so early income in the case of an elderly practitioner). In general linking a spell permanently to an object, place, or person requires a permanent sacrifice equal to 1/10 the standard activation cost (rounded up). The cost for such a service should be negotiated individually, but at least $100,000 per point sacrificed in this way. For this reason while minor magic items are frequently bought and sold (talismans, potions, scrolls, amulets), more powerful magic items are rarely for sale.

Mystic Franchises
There are businesses that thrive on putting low level psychics and wizards to work doing menial services by magic or psychic ability. Fortune telling, psychic surgery, cleansing, and various other powers. Most shops only provide one service or a few closely linked services making it easier to keep staff on hand. For wizards especially this is often a means to pay for schooling and possibly pick up a couple extra low level spells. In most major cities a character can find a franchise shop that specializes in a utility spell from levels 1-5 or just about any minor psychic ability for the standard rate ($10/energy point).

Supernatural Abilities

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