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Sigma Team
The NCS operates a team to deal with problems outside the normal scope of security operations. The team made up of Paramilitary “double Os” and Specialist “SS” team members operates in all fields doing a wide reaching range of duties. The team is made up of paid volunteers (a stipend is already figured into character income), solos and other primarily combat types are called Double Os (Paramilitary Operational Officer) while technicians, wizards, psychics, and scholars are called “SS” (Specialized Skills Officer).

The team is generally given a mission and little else. It is assumed the team has the resources to get the job done normally, but the NCS does have resources. Bad experiences with past teams mean the NCS is cautious about the team (past teams caused excessive collateral damage, got innocents killed, and stole equipment loaned to them by the organization).

Hank “The Tank” Stonewall

Stonewall is in charge of the Black Branch operation which is made up of 4 teams, the other three are similar to Sigma team and it can be assumed a character not with the group is working with one of the other teams.

Hank is a combat engineer who put several years into the field, but is now semi-retired to coordinate the units. He is gruff and is quick to come up with less than flattering nicknames for agents that mess up on operations or question assignments.

Mr. Lichman

Mister Lichman is an agency liaison who brings jobs to Stonewall and will occasionally stick around to see how things go. He isn’t very talkative, but always seems to be watching casually from a distance.

Sigma Team

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