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A role in Amalgamation is the same as a class or archetype in other systems. Usually any character can do any function, but those in a particular role are much better at it than others (magic and psychic types are an exception as others can’t do their thing).

Special Skill
Each role gets a special skill that no one else has access to (or very limited access to). This special skill represents a level of dedication and natural aptitude that others can’t compete with. A standard Special Skill adds its full ranks to rolls with two other skills. A hybrid special skill adds 1/2 its ranks to 4 other skills (a hybrid is a mix of 2 other roles special skills).

Combat Sense
The special ability of the Solo is Combat Sense it is the only special ability that adds to Initiative (Combat hybrids get this at 1/2 strength, but a new full special ability adding to Initiative can’t be added).

Magic isn’t added to other skills, instead it is a stand alone skill used when casting spells or doing magic rituals. Magic that can be resisted is resisted with Resolve.

Psychic isn’t added to other skills, instead it is a stand alone skill used when activating psychic abilities or making psychic devices. Psychic abilities are resisted with Resolve. Psychic abilities are also known as Chi or Force.

Special Skills may not boost attack skills or strength training. A dedicated martial artist is a cool concept, but cannot have a bonus to martial arts (Athletics and Resolve would be acceptable though).

This is a sample of different roles possible with the system.

Role Special Skill Skills Increased
Solo Combat Sense Initiative and Awareness
Doctor Medical Practice Medicine and Education
Scientist Advanced Knowledge Science and Research
Administrator Management Leadership and Business
Prowler Ghost Stealth and Security Systems
Cop Authority Human Perception and Manipulate
Wheelman Racer Driving and Riding
Ace Pilot Top Gun Pilot and Shadow
Rocker Stage Presence Performance and Charm
Socialite Face Social and Fashion
Survivalist Hardiness Resolve and Wilderness Survival
Engineer Engineering Mechanics and Electronics
Hacker Hacking Programming and Security
Athlete Fitness Athletics and Swimming
Wizard Magic Power Special
Psychic Psychic Power Special

Hybrid Roles
Hybrid roles mix two other roles together gaining half the benefits of each. One of the most common hybrids is Solo with another role, usually done by adding combat in front of the other role name.

Hybrid Role Special Skill Special Skills Mixed
Combat Medic Combat Medicine Combat Sense and Medical Practice
Combat Engineer Combat Engineering Combat Sense and Engineering
Combat Hacker Combat Hacking Combat Sense and Hacking
Combat Wizard Combat Magic Combat Sense and Magic Power
Combat Psychic (Jedi) Combat Psychic Combat Sense and Psychic Power
Assassin Combat Sneak Combat Sense and Sneak
SWAT Combat Authority Combat Sense and Authority
Fighter Ace Combat Pilot Combat Sense and Top Gun
Mystic (Wu-Shi) Mysticism Magic Power and Psychic Power
Techno-Wizard Techno-Wizardry Magic Power and Engineering
Gizmoteer Techno-Psychic Psychic Power and Engineering
Cyber-Doctor Cyber-Medicine Medical Practice and Engineering

Hybrid roles cannot combine hybrid roles (no combat mage/gizmoteer) nor can they combine two roles that have the same skill bonus (no Prowler/Hacker).


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