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Psychic is often thought of as the more scientifically acceptable name for magic, but within Amalgamation it is a similar, but different power. Psychics may be known as spiritualists, monks, jedi, or a number of other names. The energy used by Psychics is in most respects the same as that used by wizards, but it manifests differently. A psychic draws their strength from within and while it may help to verbalize a thought such as when using hypnotic suggestion most of the time a moment of silent concentration is all that is needed.

The base powers are those from Palladium books although others may be added. One note is that Telekinetic jump should increase jumps by 2 ft per level rather than just 2 ft.

Some powers not covered can be quickly added by converting spells;
Jedi lightsaber deflection can be covered by making deflection and targeted deflection available as psychic powers (deflection would go to sensitive while targeted deflection would go to super). Instinctive astrogation can be equal to the stellar navigation spell (would also be a sensitive power).

Psychic Items
Psychics often use crystals to channel or store energies. These work similar to minor magic items.


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