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Priorities are a tool used only when building a character. The system is very similar to the one used in FASA’s Shadowrun system. A player has 6 levels of priority to distribute among 4 priorities with a range of 0 (the worst) to 3 (the best) in each category. The distribution of these priority levels determines how much natural aptitude ( Attributes) a character has, how worldly ( Experience) they are, if they are superhuman ( Species), and how well off they are financially ( Wealth).

There are seven attributes and the player gets a number of points to distribute among them for the character based upon the priority level they put in Attributes. Cyborgs get fewer points as their physical attributes (Attractiveness, Body, and Reflexes) are replaced by the mechanical body. If a human no attribute may be below 2 or above 10. For other species those limits will vary.
0) 35 Points (20 for cyborgs)
1) 45 Points (26 for cyborgs)
2) 55 Points (31 for cyborgs)
3) 65 Points (37 for cyborgs)

Characters will start out knowing a certain number of skills, how many they can know and how good they are at them depends on experience. A player who puts more levels into experience will have a character with more skill development initially. In addition to skills these points can be used to buy additional languages.
0) 100 Character Points
1) 200 Character Points
2) 300 Character Points
3) 400 Character Points

There are thousands of species used throughout science fiction and fantasy and a player may want a character with a species significantly more powerful than a human. The Species priority level is used to balance out the powers that those species have access to. There will be more information on what these choices mean in the Species section.
0) Standard (AR up to 10, no attributes above 11, minimal bonuses)
1) Superior (AR up to 20, attributes up to 12, low bonuses)
2) Supernatural (AR up to 40, Attributes up to 13, moderate bonuses)
3) Cosmic (AR up to 60, Attributes over 13, high bonuses)

The Wealth Priority determines three things for a character; how much money and gear they begin with, what lifestyle they live at, and how much money they can gain between sessions.
0) Poor Lifestyle, $10,000 starting and $100/session
1) Middle Class, $100,000 starting and $1,000/session
2) High Class, $1,000,000 starting and $10,000/session
3) Luxury Lifestyle, $10,000,000 starting and $100,000/session


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