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Character Sheet
The character sheet is a recording of the statistics that make up the character. Each player gets to design their own character that within the limits of the rules allows them to have a highly customized avatar within the game. The front page of the character sheet has information like the character’s name, a brief description, lifestyle, a quote they might use or that sums up their attitude and a collection of design stats along with the skill list.

Name of the character.

Nickname, call sign, or title the character answers to.

Short physical description of how the character look when most often encountered, a good place to note inhuman appearances such as pointed ears and green skin.

Lifestyle Level
Determined by Wealth Priority Level, simply Low, Middle, High, or Luxury.

Session Income
Amalgamation assumes characters do something between session and as such they start with a little extra money in their pockets each session, it helps keep the rich characters rich and gives the poor characters a little something to fall back on if jobs aren’t being too profitable. Also based upon Wealth Priority level and varies from $100 per session to $100,000 per session.

Remaining Money
How much cash the character has available. It depends on how much the character had left on the previous session and is increased by session income.

A saying or phrase that the character uses frequently or that sums up their attitude.

A listing of the attributes and scores. In the case of a cyborg the attributes of the current body can be place in the Attractiveness, Body, and Reflexes scores or NA may be placed if the current body is unknown.

This section lists the priority levels used during character creation as a quick reference.

Character Points
This is the number of character points currently available to increase skills or learn languages.

Lifetime Character Points
This is the accumulated total of the character points from the Experience Priority Level and the character points gained through game sessions (typically 5 per session).

Magic Energy
This pool of energy is used to power spells and can be lost to certain energy draining creatures or powerful magics that cause a permanent loss. Even characters with no magic ability get an amount equal to their Intelligence Score.

Psychic Energy
This pool of energy is used to power psychic abilities and like magic energy can sometimes be lost to draining effects or the use of powerful abilities. Characters with no psychic training get an amount equal to their Cool Score.

All the core skills are listed organized by attribute. Role is left for the player to note the character’s role such as Solo or Combat Wizard. Under Role is a blank skill slot for the player to write in the special ability of the given role. Also under Intelligence there are some blank slots for the player to write in desired expert skills. The Rank slot is for the ranks of actual skill the character has while the Total/Notes column is for the combined score of skill ranks and attribute score along with any bonuses and notes for conditional bonuses.

Languages Known (Fluency)
This set of lines gives space for player to list any extra languages the character knows and put in parenthesis behind the language if it is broken, poor, or fluent level of proficiency.

Body Locations
A quick reminder chart for combat showing hit locations. Next to it are slots for keeping track of armor for the locations and any damage taken in combat.

A place to record the most common armor worn by the character (there are more slots on the second sheet) along with the armor rating, penalties to Reflexes, and areas of the body covered (An armored jacket only covers areas 2-6), as well as a line for notes.

A place to record stats on the most common couple of weapons a character carries (again there are more spaces on the back sheet), with spaces for damage done, range, and ammo capacity as well as a space for notes.

Back Page
The back page is mostly blank slots to record equipment, powers, abilities, and anything else the player wants to keep track of.

Character Sheet

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