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Attributes are the base building blocks of the character. They generally don’t improve as a character gains in experience, but provide a base from which skills are built. Attributes give a simple numerical reference for how strong, smart, or good looking a character is although they should never take the place of role-playing they do provide a base guideline.

There are seven attributes in Amalgamation which should look familiar to those who played R. Talsorian’s Cyberpunk 2020 RPG. The attributes are Attractiveness, Body, Cool, Empathy, Intelligence, Reflexes, and Tech. Attributes are rated on a scale from 2 to 10 with humans always falling into that range with average being 4 to 6, a 2 being the worst and a 10 being the best (1 is subhuman and 11 or more is superhuman).

Priority Level
The amount of points a character has to put in their attribute scores is determined by attribute priority level. These points are spent directly a score of 7 costs 7 points, but cannot be changed later so players should be careful in their choices. Cyborgs have only 4 attribute scores (Cool, Empathy, Intelligence, and Tech), so they get less points.
0) 35 Points (20 for cyborgs)
1) 45 Points (26 for cyborgs)
2) 55 Points (31 for cyborgs)
3) 65 Points (37 for cyborgs)

A measure of how appealing a character is. It can be considered a character’s looks, but there’s more to it than pure physical appearance, attractive people keep up their looks but also know how to charm, put on a show, and get what they want.

A measure of toughness and fitness, a character with a high body tends to be a jock type with not only a large size but also good muscle tone. Body is used to determine how much punishment a character can take before dying as well as how much damage they dish out in hand to hand combat.

A measure of how well a character handles stress. A character with a high cool is able to function under pressure making them good at tense negotiations and making difficult leadership decisions. Cool is used to resist torture, magic, psychic powers, and shake off the effects of stun weapons.

A measure of how in touch a character is with their feelings as well as their ability to interpret and react to others emotions. A character with a high empathy tends to be artistic and gets along well in diverse social settings.

A measure of perception, memory, and logic a character with a high intelligence score will seem knowledgeable and well educated. Intelligence is used to determine what a character already knows as well as their ability to do effective research.

A measure of hand-eye coordination. A character with a high reflexes will be good at shooting, driving, and piloting. Reflexes are also used to determine initiative which establishes who acts first in a given combat round.

Tech is the ability to work with machines, do construction, or program computers. A character with a high tech can repair machines, bypass security, or hack a computer system.


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