Techscanner ($600): a small handheld microcomp with various I/O connecters and probes. Techscanners run diagnostic programs, identify and examine malfunctioning components, and display internal schematics on a small screen.

Cutting Torch ($40): common oxylacetalyne type out of a bottle. Hand held, about a foot long. More powerful models are available, such as thermite lances, plasma cutters and laser torches at 5x-15x cost ($200-$600).

Tech Tool Kit ($100): mixed kit of tools for repair of mechanical items, usually in a 4"x 16"x 2" case.

B&E Tool Kit ($120): same as the Tool Kit above but with tools to defeat locks and security systems.

Electronics Kit ($100): same as the Tool Kit above but with tools to work on electronics and computers.

Protective Goggles ($20): protective eyewear for welding, metal machining work, chemical mixing, etc.

Flashlight ($2): you all know what this is. Beam range 100’-120’ Can buy smaller pocket lights (1 /4 range) for half the normal price ($1).

Glowstik ($1): chemlight in a 6" plastic tube. Shake or break to activate. Soft light lasts up to 6 hours. Comes in green, blue, red.

Flashpaint ($10/pint): fluorescent paint gives off soft light equal to Glowstik, lasts up to 4 hours.

Flashtape ($10/foot): same as Flashpaint. Lasts 6 hours, comes in variety of widths.

Rope ($2/foot): braided synthetics in a variety of thicknesses and weights. Can hold up to 1,000 Ibs.

Breathing Mask ($30): a common painter’s style mask; nose and mouth coverage,with two replaceable filters($1 per 10 pack) on the sides. Good for keeping out the smog.

Binoculars ($20): regular binoculars used by hunters, bird watchers, sports fans and voyers. Have adjustable magnification from x2-x20.

Binoglasses ($200): long range magnification glasses work like low powered binoculars x2-x5, but look like ordinary vision correction or sunglasses.

Light Booster glasses ($200): simple light amplification goggles in the form of sunglasses. Automatically filter bright lights (adjusts to normal light levels instantly). Gives nightvision 300 ft in any conditions where there is some light to work with. Useless against smoke and in total darkness, but only gives a -1 awareness.

Thermo-Glasses ($250): thermographic goggles made into sunglasses allow seeing in total darkness by using ambient heat, vision is black and white, but clear and will automatically reverse to negative to create more contrast. User is -2 to awareness checks, but can see through total darkness and smoke.

Toughcuffs ($100): just what it says. Probably a little stronger (a NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE/30 task to break or slip out of due to the cuff design) due to new alloys. Opened with a form of cardlock (Dif 20 to bypass and requires tools).

Stripwire Binders ($5 per box): great for riot control. One-use only plastic locking strips for temporary handcuffs and leg ties (VERY DIFFICULT/25 to break or slip off). With ceramic fibers to resist cutting, and guaranteed fireproof. Come in boxes of 12.

Dermal Stapler ($1,000): this automatically pulls the sides of a wound together and sutures it with staples of a Compressed organic material that dissolves after an elapsed time.

Spray Skin ($50/can): a putty-like spray gel for treatment of severe abrasions. Antiseptic and sterile, it’s also air permeable and flakes off in about two weeks.

Cryotank ($100,000) an advanced refrigeration tank; the cryotank will cool a body down to preservation levels while life-support machines maintain the blood/oxygen flow. Designed to keep a dying body in relative stasis.

Medkit ($50): standard doctor’s or military corpsman’s bag. It contains antidotes, dressings, drugs, applicators, medicines, and examining instruments (probes, depressors, ocular light, stethoscope).

Surgical Set ($400): a full set of surgeon’s tools (scalpel, retractor, probe, clamp, tweezer, etc.), and chemicals or equipment for maintaining a sterile operating field.

Flrst Aid Kit ($10): the common household medic’s box. It has bandages, antiseptics, and a simple painkiller

Slap Patch: a small plastic pad containing a measured amount of medicine. The pad is applied to the skin and the medicine is absorbed in steady doses. patches come in rating from 1-3 and the drugs remain effective in the system for 1 hour after application:

  • AntIdote Patch ($50 per level): This releases a broad-spectrum toxin antidote to aid the patient In resisting the effects of a toxin. The Patch Rating adds to the subject’s Body Attribute for Resistance Tests. Multiple patches give no additional effect.
  • Stimulant Patch ($25 per level): This patch contains powerful stimulants to ward off fatigue and relieve stun effects. Each level of stim patch cancels 1 point of penalty from pain, stun, or fatigue.
  • Tranq Patch ($20 per level): This patch will knock a subject out for an hour if the fail a resistance roll of Body type vs 5 plus 5 times the level of the patch.
  • Trauma Patch ($100 per level): This patch adds a bonus of its level to Body Test rolls to avoid death as well as Medicine Rolls to stabilize a dying patient.

Airhypo ($100): the “Bones McCoy” usesaquick burstof compressed air to force a liquid drug through the skin. The Airhypo uses injectable versions of the slap patch drugs, but the injectable versions can go to level 5 instead of level 3 (Same cost per level).

Medscanner ($300): Readouts for body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and blood sugar levels. A small chipped database adds 2 to your Diagnose Illness Skill.

Drug Analyser ($75): ranging in size from a book to a briefcase, this gadget operates in a manner similar to the chemical sniffer. It will determine the purity of a drug with a known composition, or identify the molecular makeup and possible effects of an unknown substance that is similar to a drug already programmed into its library.

Survival Kit ($100): This rugged bag contains a useful assortment of stuff: 3 flares, a small utility knife, a lighter, 100 matches, a compass, a lightweight thermal blanket, seven days’ worth of ration bars, a water-purification unit, a filter mask, a 100 ft roll of parachute cord, a 50 ft spool of fishing line, 6 fishing hooks, and a small first aid kit.



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