Special Equipment


Okay, so you don’t wanna get all metalled up and hard into the face, neh? No problem. We got a couple of slick little gadgets to put you even up with the cybers.

BattleGloves ($900)
Heavy gauntlets that cover the entire hand and forearm, articulated with artificial muscle and hydraulics. A Battle glove delivers 3D6 crushing, 2D6 punching damage, and has three spaces for any standard cyberarm weapon or option, except Hydraulic Rams.

Smartgoggles ($200)
Want all the advantages of getting cyberoptics, but without the humanity loss? Smartgoggles can be outfitted with chips to simulate the effects of up to 4 cyberoptic options (each option costs the same as a cyberoptic option, less 10%). Smartgoggles come with a smartgun plug and cables, allowing the Targeting scope option to be used (add 1 to ranged attacks if linked).

Smartshades ($450)
Just like Smartgoggles, but look like fashion sunglasses. Can only hold two options instead of 4, but are lower profile.

Linear Frames (Price Varies)
A linear frame is a powered exoskeleton, giving the user tremendous strength. There are three levels of linear frames: Sigma, Beta and Omega

Type Strength Cost
Sigma 12 $5,000
Beta 14 $7,000
Omega 16 $9,000

Normally, exoskeletons are worn as part of a cybernetics package. However, you can put on a linear frame without having it interfaced directly to your nervous system. Instead, you can simply chip into the suit as if it were any cyberbike or vehicle, taking a -2 REF penalty to do so.

Not bad, eh? Just make sure they don’t take ’em off ya, chombatta.


Special Equipment

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