Archaic Energy Weapon


There are several lightsaber-style weapons including laser swords and plasma swords as well as TW Light Blades and Gizmoteer Psi-Blade. A Jedi Lightsaber is a different weapon similar but different from the others.

A Jedi/Sith Lightsaber is an energy weapon usable by those without magic or psychic abilities, but of enhanced effect in the hands of a psychic/jedi with the psi-sword ability.

Standard Lightsaber does 5d6 AP damage which is not enhanced by high strength, but does benefit from fencing skill. A powercell will keep a lightsaber ignited for up to ten minutes on a charge.

If channeling the psi-sword ability through the lightsaber the lightsaber damage is replaced by the psi-sword damage but the psi-sword acts as if the user were 5 levels higher than they are (increasing both duration and damage).

Jedi Note
A Jedi Knight is the same as a Psychic Warrior (add 1/2 force combat ability to Awareness and Initiative; get 1 power per rank from each of the 4 psychic categories and 20 ISP per rank with user level equal to ranks of Force Combat).

A Master Jedi is the same as a dedicated Psychic (2 power per category per rank of Force Mastery, 40 ISP per rank, and user level is 2 times the Force Mastery Power).

Add new Psychic powers;

Super: “Create Lightsaber” this power requires the Psi-Sword ability as a prerequisite and costs 100 ISP. The character must have materials, time, and a place to work available. If using synthetic crystals the cost can be relatively low while exotic crystals may cost a great deal.

Sensitive: “Force Astrogation” The psychic power imbues the character with an innate sense of direction when in space and the ability to read space charts and
plot a course at 96% skill proficiency as if he had the Navigation: Space skill. If he fails his roll he is 2D4 light-years off course. It costs 8 ISP to initiate and lasts 10 minutes per user level.


Similar Weapons;

Gizmoteer Psi-Blade; requires Psi-Sword to use and adds 2d6 to the damage the psi-sword would do without the psi-blade. ($3,000)

Gizmoteer Psi-Sword; requires 30 ISP or 60 PPE to activate, lasts 25 minutes, 6d6 AP damage. ($3,000)

TW Light Blade: Requires 20 PPE or 40 ISP to activate and does 1d4x10+5 AP damage with double (2d4x10+10) to vampires and shadow beasts for 5 minutes per activation. ($2,000)

Amaki Blast Sword: Has a blunt blade until a plasma field is activated around it. Does 2d6+6 AP with the plasma blade and can fire bolts of plasma doing 3d6 AP to a range of 500 feet. runs 200 minuted, but each ranged blast uses up 10 minutes of energy. ($2,500)

Wilk’s Laser Knife: Unstable power source lasts 40-70 minutes (1d4x10+30), but does 3d6 AP per strike plus any bonus for fencing but not body and is smaller than a lightsaber. ($1,800)

Wilk’s Laser Sword: Unstable power source lasts 20-45 minutes (5d6+15), but does as much damage as a real lightsaber 5d6 AP plus any fencing bonuses, but no bonus for Body. ($2,400)


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