The clothing styles of 2395 break into five basic fashion statements, the same can be said for other personal items (A high fashion gun will only perform the same as a generic model, but everyone knows you have a Beretta and not a High Point). Anything without a style modifier added is considered generic (unless it is a specific branded item like a Colt or Northern Gun).

Generic Chic/Lower Class (x1): This is the standard Streetwear, made up of colorful modular components in many colors. Belts, coats, sashes, boots predominate.

Leisurewear/Middle Class (x2): This is the equivalent of 21st century athletic wear. Padded fleece, corporate and athletic logos.

Urban Flash/“Outside the System” (x2):Video jackets, colorshift fabrics, cammo, leathers, metal spikes, Logowear, jeans, leatherskirts, boots. The wildest and most utterly chilled in cyberfashion.

Businesswear/Upper Class (x3): This is the equivalent of the standard business suit; understated colors, pinstripes, real leather shoes etc. Wool and other natural fabrics are considered the proper outfitting for the up and coming Corp.

High Fashion/Elite Class (x5): Sophisticated and expensive dressing for the upper class. Designer labels like Miyake, Si-fui Yan, and Anne Calvin.


The prices below are for generic, just apply the appropriate style modifier for an outfit for a particular use.

A standard outfit (Pants or skirt, top, jacket, shoes or boots, and minor accessories like a clutch or sunglasses) base cost is $100.

Class I armored outfit (SP 6 protection, includes most riding suits with a mix of leather and composite) costs a base of $200

Class II Armored Outfit (SP 12 protection with no encumbrance value penalties) cost a base of $300

Class III Armored outfit (SP 18 protection, but the bulk of the clothing causes an EV-1 penalty to Reflexes while worn) costs a base of $400.

Style may not matter for these items, but if it does apply the style modifiers.

Carry bag ($5): the athletic bag/kitbag of the 2300’s, with a variety of logos to choose from.

Sleeping Bag ($25): they’re lighter weight, and can now take temperatures down to -100 F. Compresses to a 6″ × 4″ × 4″ wad.

Inflatable Bed ($25): self-inflating, highly-compressed mattress package. About 6″ × 2″ × 4″ folded.

Apartment Cube ($5,000): 10′ × 10′ × 8′ living module in which all major furnishings and appliances are hidden in flush wall recesses and are extended only for use. Contains bed, closet, small stove, refrigerator, and digital entertainment center, two chairs, fold down desk, removable table. Rolls into place and can be easily transported. Cubes are usually so small that if you had all your furnishings extended at once, there’d be no room for you to stand! Can be carried on a trailer or in the back of a truck, only needs power and water hook ups to be ready to go.

Style modifier has more to do with the area and other clientele for lodging.

Coffin Rack ($20/night): A 4′ × 4′ × 8′ sleeping space with a video screen, radio, light, and charger for small electronics and a standard keypad lock on the hatch.

Hotel Room ($100/night): A small single occupancy hotel room.

These stats are for the generic models, use the style modifiers above and assume there are hundreds of models all with the same performance just different names and trim. Hover versions cost 3 times as much and Flying (AV) versions cost 10 times as much, Smart-rigged cost $1,500 more, and armored cost $3,000 more for SP 20 (not available for scooters).

Scooter ($500): this is an updated, electrically powered version of the old Riva and Vespa motorscooters of the 1990’s. Top speed about 50 mph, scooters can get about 6 hours of travel per fastcharge (about 5 minutes at any service station). 5 SP/15 SDP

Motorcycle ($1,500): these are updated versions of standard motorcycles. Mostare recumbent designs, with plastic farings that close over the driver. About half are electrically powered, with top speeds of 65 mph and about 8 hours travel per fastcharge. Gas powered versions have a top end of 140 mph and a four gallon tank. 5 SP/20 SDP

CltyCar ($2,000): one man (two in a pinch), three wheelers common in the Corporate Zones. Top speed about 40mph, with 4 hours travel per fastcharge. CityCars can also be rented ($2 per mile) from convenient kiosks located around most corporate areas; you use your debit card to rent from the vendor, drive where you want, and drop the car off at the nearest vendor. 5 SP/30 SDP

Compact ($6,000): usually methanol or gas powered, these vehicles have a top speed of around 90 mph, a ten gallon tank and seat four in relative comfort. 5 SP/35 SDP

Medium Sedan ($10,000): methanol or gas powered, these vehicles have a top speed of around 90 mph, a fifteen gallon tank and seat four. 5 SP/40 SDP

Large Sedan ($30,000): methanol or gas powered, these vehicles have a top speed of around 90 mph, a twenty gallon tank and seat six. 5 SP/50 SDP

Sportscar ($30,000): almost always gas powered (electrics just don’t have the speed). Top speed about 210 mph, with a ten gallon tank. Seats 2. 5 SP/35 SDP

Electric Fastcharge stations generally charge $20 per charge. Gas sells for $3 a gallon while methanol sells for $2 a gallon.

Entertainment like lodging is not just the quality, but the area of town and who the other patrons are (in the case of tickets to an athletic event it is the difference between nosebleed seats and courtside or box seats).

Movie ($10): Most movies are in 3D or Holo and in the big theaters have temperature, vibration, and air flow keyed to the action.

Braindance ($20): A typical braindance is 30 minutes long, shorter than most movies but gives a full sensory experience. Higher class places tend to have Full-X productions giving an even more immersive experience while urban flash outlets may carry illegal BTL experiences.

Live Concert/Sports Event ($50): Live entertainment is still the most popular whether it be a music concert, live theater, classic sport like auto-racing and football or a new sport like deadball and robo-gladiators.

Fast Food Meal ($5): something quick and easy, may be a greasy mcdonalds soy/meat byproduct patty or some exotic vegan delight but either way it is quick and relatively cheap for the class.

Well Drink ($3): Sitting around in the bar it’s customary to drink. Ritzy places obviously charge more than those where the blue collar workers hang out.

Restaurant Meal ($20): Your typical dine in establishment whether the low end mom and pop diner or the luxury class ritzy place it is the type of meal you sit down and have a conversation over.

Again this is just a generic list. Assume all are typical quality with no bonus to accuracy.

Light Pistol ($150): A 6mm caseless doing 1d6+1 damage, carries 10 shots, has a 150 ft range, and is small enough to put in a pocket.

Medium Pistol ($300): A 9mm caseless doing 2d6+1 damage, carries 12 shots, and has a 150 ft range.

Heavy Pistol ($400): An 11mm caseless doing 3d6 damage, carries 8 shots, and has a 150 ft range.

Very Heavy Pistol ($500): A 12mm caseless doing 4d6+1 damage, carries 8 shots, has a 150 ft range, but is bulky enough it requires a large jacket to conceal.

Light SMG ($450): a 9mm caseless doing 2d6+1 damage, carries 30 shots and can fire 30 shots in a single burst, has a 500 ft range.

Medium SMG ($500): a 10mm caseless doing 2d6+3 damage, Carries 30 shots and can fire a burst of 15 rounds, has a 600 ft range.

Heavy SMG ($600): An 11mm caseless doing 3d6 damage, carries 30 shots and fires bursts of 10, has a 600 ft range.

Assault Rifle ($500): A 5.56mm caseless doing 5d6 damage, carries 30 rounds and fires bursts of 10, has a 1200 ft range.

Shotgun ($450): A 12 guage shotgun doing 4d6 damage, carries 10 rounds and has a range of 50 meters. (Buckshot has a spread doing 4d6 to a 3 ft pattern to 30 ft, 3d6 to a 6 ft wide pattern to 75 ft, and 2d6 to a 10ft wide pattern to 150 ft, buckshot is useless against armored opponents; apply armor to each d6 rolled rather than to the total). Slugs do 4d6+1 at all ranges and don’t spread.

5mm and 6mm caseless pistol ammo is $15 per box of 100
9mm and 10mm caseless pistol ammo is $15 per box of 50
11mm caseless pistol ammo is $18 per box of 50
12mm caseless pistol ammo is $20 per box of 50
5.56mm caseless rifle ammo is $40 per box of 100
12 guage ammo is $15 per box of 12

Silencers are $100
Holsters are $20
Slings are $5


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