Androids, Robots, and AI Machinery


Robot Drones are common, but often overlooked. They are expensive enough that many middle class and lower classes can’t afford them although they last long enough they can be passed down for generations. High class people often have multiple drones while those living in luxury may have many or may reject them in favor of living servants.

Conversion Notes:
Rifts Robots divide the price by 10; convert the MDC as armor for SP (unarmored have 5 SP if small or 10 SP if large), SDP is by weight, Attributes convert as characters and monsters (Divide by 2 and then subtract 2). Skills are considered 1 rank per 10% (conventional rounding so 95% is 10 and 83% is 8). Move is 1/2 top speed in MPH.

Star Wars Droids multiply cost by 10; SP is 5 for unarmored plus 5 per pip of armor if included, SDP is 10 times dice of STR. Attributes convert as normal (4D = 10, less 1 per pip to a minimum of 1). For skills use the full dice value listed as ranks of skill so 3D or 3d+1 is 3 and 3D+2 or 4D is 4 to a maximum of 10.


2-1B Medical Droid ($43,000)
INT-6, TEC-7, COOL-4, REF-3, BODY-1, EMP-7, ATTR-0, LUCK-0
SP-5, SDP-10
Expert: Xenology 5 (11), Cryotank Operation 5 (12), Diagnose Illness 6 (12), Medicine 9 (16/18 with medical mainframe tether).

R2 Astromech Droid ($45,250)
INT-1, TECH-4, COOL-1, REF-3, BOD-1, MA-5, EMP-1, ATTR-0, LUCK-0
SP-5, SDP-10
Expert: Astrogation 5 (6), Pilot: Fixed Wing 3 (6), Pilot: AV 3 (6), Programming 4 (8), Aero-Tech 5 (9), AV-Tech 5 (9), Electronics 4 (8), Strength Feat 2 (3).

3PO Protocol Droid ($30,000)
INT-4, TECH-1, COOL-7, REF-1, BOD-1, MA-8, EMP-1, ATTR-0, LUCK-0
SP-5, SDP-10
Languages 10 (14), Expert: Cultures 6 (10)


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