Bronco Space Yacht


Henry’s ship, normally kept moored at the Yacht club in Seattle when not on a mission.

Model: Bronco C7201
Class: Light transport
Crew: 3 (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Engineer)
Passengers: 24
Consumables: 2 weeks
Cargo: 30 tons

Speed: Space 4/Mach 8
Hyperdrive: x2 (10 LY/Hour)

Weight: 211 tons

SP: 30 (Hull) or 120 (Shields)
SDP: 8,480

Equipped with Atmospheric Scoops, Camouflage System (only while landed/still), Luxury Accommodations, Seaworthy Water Landing, Hover System for Overland movement (antigravity), Docking Mechanism (attaching to larger ship), Survey grade sensors and survey labs.

The light weapon load is little more than a deterant for attackers, but may by the crew enough time to call for help or jump to hyperspace.

Primary Laser Cannon Turret
Damage: 2d4x10 AP
Range: 6,000 ft

2 Anti-missile rear turrets
Damage: 4d6 AP
Range: 4,000 ft

Aeris has a top hatch for the speeder launch so Henry can load and unload his vehicles while landed in water.

The cargo area has been converted into an atrium with magical growing lights and enhanced growth spells to increase production. (Any actual cargo is stored in Dimensional Envelopes). There is also a large superior circle of protection centered in the cargo area where guests can retreat in case of supernatural threats. The cargo deck is tall enough for 12 ft tall trees to grow and there are chickens kept in the atrium for eggs and meat (other animals are kept petrified or preserved in the dimensional envelopes).

The Mess hall is set up as a fine dining hall with one massive table (Seats 20). The walls in most rooms have wood paneling and plush carpeting, marble, or hardwood flooring depending on use.

Rec Room converted to living room with couches, a holo-entertainment system and a fireplace, while fitness room was converted to a study/library with hard copy of all Henry’s spells as well as the Scholar system and its chips.

Undesignated room on B-Deck (Starboard, by lab and fresher) was converted into a master suite with oversized bed and jacuzzi as well as on-suite bathroom.

Open area in B-Deck between escape pods is done as a dance floor with a wet bar behind the stairs across from the master suite and a grand piano near the stairs going down.

Guest rooms are single occupancy in the outer room which are smaller and double occupancy in the larger inner rows of rooms. The staircases at the end of the guest room hallway leads to the lifeboats on C-Deck.

Port Survey Lab is the bio-lab (next to infirmary) while Starboard Survey Lab is the Chemical/Geological lab. The Bio-lab has a large wall-tank with edible fish and seafood.



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