Session 5: A Chill in the Air

Out in the cold with zombies

Things cooled back down after the characters returned from Mars, the wizards involved in the raids are on trial and the story made global news. As the characters are relaxing at their favorite hangouts they get notice that God Squad has another request on the line.

Years ago in Dimension 13491 a group of renegade fighters set up a secret base on an ice planet to launch attacks against the government. Some time later traders set up on the planet to harvest the abundant ice and trade it to arid worlds where water was scarce. Operations ran into trouble with the local ice monsters which don’t show up on sensors which was trouble enough, but in a recent report the dead soldiers from the old battlefield have risen up and attacked the operation.

The traders wisely pulled out, but reported the even and the concern is some power may be taking hold on the frozen world which could potentially spread. Concerned parties would like the God Squad to investigate and determine if it is an isolated incident or cause for alarm.

A rift to the area should be able to put the team within a week or less of the planet in question (A gate could put them on the base itself, but they would be limited to small vehicles or traveling on foot).



I hadn’t included the logs for the previous sessions;

Session 1 “Things that go Bump” – God Squad is called into Puyallup Ghetto to investigate haunting in Squatter filled hotel in an area primarily occupied by trolls. After discovering the ghost they determine they need to contact another ghost in Auburn to release the restless spirit.

Session 2 “Music in the Park” – God Squad is called in to respond to an unknown psychic threat to fundraiser in downtown park. A set of summoners call up tectonic entities and in the ensuing battle millions in collateral damage is racked up.

Session 3 “Howl at the Moon” – God Squad is contacted to investigate werewolf mage gang leader in Redmond Barrens. After extensive investigations it is found the werewolf is not a factor in the local crime (removal would make no difference), characters report findings and move on.

Session 4 “Don’t let the Bedbugs Bite” – God Squad is asked to investigate raids carried out by Maxpary, a fungal insectoid species known to be territorial but not known for using technology or stealing equipment. Using survey sensors the team located the raider base and surveyed in using stealth power armor then disabled raiders using mind control on Maxparies and took the raiders back to L5 station for trial.

Session 5: A Chill in the Air

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